In current times, especially now with COVID-19 and companies being forced to work from home, it’s become important for your business to be reachable away from the office, though of course there are other reasons why you should be looking into VoIP telephony for the long term as well.

Firstly, what is VoIP? VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” which effectively means it uses the Internet for telephone communications. With VoIP you’re able to replace your traditional phone connection, which uses copper cables through a provider such as Telkom, to one that runs via the Internet. So what exactly makes VoIP so desirable?

VoIP costs less

The driving reason behind a switch to VoIP telephony is the cost-saving element. With VoIP telephony, price savings can be massive. Many businesses that have moved to VoIP have saved on their monthly telephone bill.

VoIP is more mobile and accessible

Another major advantage that VoIP has over traditional phone lines is that with VoIP you can take your business with you everywhere you go. In other words, your business number becomes reachable when you’re on the move, at home, or anywhere else because calls are taking place over the Internet and data networks.  This functionality allows your team to work anywhere as effectively as it does at the office. VoIP is ideal for negating risk in the office without losing productivity, specifically during these uncertain times with COVID-19.

VoIP is feature-rich

3CX VoIP telephony comes with a host of features such as voice conference calling or even Web Video conference calling, auto-attendants, call queue structuring and advanced analytics that allow a business to customise, personalise and analyse call data in ways that aren’t possible with a traditional telephony setup.

VoIP calls are higher quality

So long as your calls run through a fast and stable Internet connection the voice quality compared to traditional landline phones is far superior, coming across as clear and crisp. This is due to the more advanced technology that’s been built into VoIP phones such as noise-cancelling microphones and advanced audio compression.

At Bear Technologies, not only for ourselves but for our clients,  we’ve seen our telephony cost greatly reduced and our call feedback improve since moving to VoIP, and we’re firm believers in helping other organizations achieve the same gain. In the business landscape of today, organization’s just can’t ignore the benefits of VoIP.

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